Origin: Winnipeg, Canada.
Currently based in: London, UK.

After completing my college education in photography in 2007, I opened a small photography practice in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, focusing on editorial, portrait, and fashion photography. It collapsed shortly thereafter due to poor market fit and an unfortunate and total lack of business acumen on my part. It was, at the very least, an excellent learning experience.

I continued making images on a personal basis until 2012, when I took a hiatus to focus on what had become my burgeoning career in web design and development. I relocated to London, England in 2013, and returned to photography with renewed vigour in 2015.

My work is documentary in nature and explores several themes with and without concrete narratives. I’m currently working on two long-term projects: one documenting activism in the UK (with a focus on issues pertaining to women, migrants, and people of colour), the other a more personal, ambiguous exploration of surroundings.

While continuing to expand my portfolio, I am also seeking new opportunities in publication, exhibitions and commissions as time allows. I occasionally self-publish my work in book-form; you can find the latest of these publications in my shop. A new book focusing on my current long-term projects is planned for release sometime in 2017.

Should you wish to discuss my work further, please get in touch via email. My CV follows below.




Education & Training

  • Magnum/British Journal of Photography Professional Practice Workshop for Documentary Photography (2017)
  • Red River College, Winnipeg, Canada — Professional Photography (2006–7)


  • New Work at The Classic Camera, London, UK (2016)
  • Joy Shapes at Piano Nobile Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada (2008)