Depart blank slate debride canvas reset dislocation where am I regret discover homesickness collapse breathe unknown scent new light reconsideration uncertainty. Each night anew more dull hardly dull crack in surface corrosion transatlantic phone call revert collapse breathe deep pain dull hardly dull more dull. Flat grey light deep respiration once wept here woven first strand tenuous potential you may survive this.

Bolt door cast glances each sound tectonic movement shade in shadows fast silence dust mote disturbance. Burgeoning botched attempted attention surround hormonal hollow point bullet train. Sleep.




Architect canyon plunge headlong total immersion capillaries throb twilight contentment. Intoxication proceeding intoxication preceding intoxication. Elevate cranium apex surveying all before and behind. Flex tone sculpt refine contort resurface surface blinding with all functions functioning flawlessly. Consolidation of power.

Faint paresthesia ignore come on come on come on. Focus. Extract ore burning through strata irradiating violence there is nothing but this is now and this is all and every thing. Insatiable lust of construct revealing sanctums left dormant for decades damn fading light flood capture seize lay siege lay claim reclaim ascend with faint paresthesia ignore come on come on come on.


Hairline proceeding impact preceding fault line riven calamity. Fading light depart remaining sole embers gather under grasping at fire the remnants igneous smouldering twixt rib cage and god. Cold still colder splayed breathless upon gethsemane and entombed within the city forever.




Nothing. Not nothing barely something less than prior yet matchless. Blank blackened erasure and razed cartography insufficient and irrelevant. Calcified confines delineate absolution. At rest. One fist puncturing the firmament.



About the work

Photographed over a period of roughly three years and comprising a selection of 56 images, Locus is a contemplation of place, displacement and the myth of geographical belonging — initiated one year after relocating to the United Kingdom, and completed as I prepare to return to Canada.

The photographs are broken into three sections with each grouping introduced (though not directly described) by prose intended to evoke sensations felt during the years spent creating the work.

Initially intended for publication as a book, the series is presented here in its entirety.