Cole Peters

Visual/sound artist


Unfolding is the guise of my current work in music and sound art. Building on the methods and motivations of musique concrète, drone, noise, techno and experimental music, the project focuses on themes of texture, space, weight, structure, and sensory experience.

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Digital download

  1. 1. Carrier
  2. 2. Trajectory
  3. 3. Phase Transition
  4. 4. Harness
  5. 5. Union

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Expanding upon and refining both the restraint and immediacy of 2020’s ‘Initial State’ cassette, Boundary comprises 35 minutes of material that oscillates between compacted reductivism and slow-burn atmospherics.

Stemming from a fascination with sound as an invisible yet tangible physical process, Boundary draws from a diverse array of source materials to create a brutalist aural architecture, in which form and temporality are explored with primal curiosity. Reinforcing and augmenting the material’s presence, artist and audio engineer Chloe Alexandra Thompson’s treatment of the album — rendered via a host of analogue outboard gear at Circular Ruin Studio, New York — imprints a palpable sense of texture, weight, and space.

Despite the niche origins of its making, Boundary is presented as an object of subjective contemplation, in which form and flux serve to emphasize the perception and appreciation of the physical senses.

Initial State


Limited edition cassette, digital download

  1. 1. t₀
  2. 2. k. log W
  3. 3. Configuration

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Inspired by an amateur study of contemporary physics, Initial State brings together an array of primitive source materials — single cycle waveforms, noise, reductive field recordings and samples — to form three tracks of contemplative and heavy electronics.

Defining the aesthetic vocabulary for this first release is a series of parallels drawn between various aspects of sound design and concepts relating to mass, gravity, entropy, indeterminism and granularity. The end result is a 26 minute concussive rumination on the structure and perception of reality.