Cole Peters

Visual/sound artist


Unfolding is the guise of my current work in music and sound art. Building on the methods and motivations of musique concrète, drone, noise, techno and experimental music, the project focuses on themes of texture, space, weight, structure, and sensory experience.

For releases from previous projects, see my discography.

Initial State


Limited edition cassette, digital download

  1. 1. t₀
  2. 2. k. log W
  3. 3. Configuration

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Inspired by an amateur study of contemporary physics, Initial State brings together an array of primitive source materials — single cycle waveforms, noise, reductive field recordings and samples — to form three tracks of contemplative and heavy electronics.

In defining an aesthetic vocabulary for these compositions, my goal has been to draw parallels between various aspects of sound design and concepts relating to mass, gravity, entropy, indeterminism and granularity. The end result is a challenging, concussive journey in which the listener is invited to contemplate realities both personal and universal.