Cole Peters

Light, letter, and sound

Hello there! I’m Cole, a 30 year-old Canadian currently based in the UK. I am also, among other things: an ardent practitioner of street photography; an avid writer; and a musician with a penchant for drones, ambience, and noise. I make my living as a web designer and front-end developer in London, where I live with my beautiful wife.

You’ll find a directory with links to my work below.


You’ll find my most recently-published photographs on my VSCO Grid, along with an archive of images taken with my iPhone over the past couple years. New images are added on a weekly basis (sometimes more often).
Stories, told with Exposure
An ongoing series of photo-essays resides over at my little home on Exposure — including this one, on how I first fell in love with, abandoned, and rediscovered photography. I try to add new stories at least once every month.
You’ll also find my work on Instagram and Flickr, if those are where you prefer to hang out.


My blog
I’ve been posting articles to my blog since 2012, with most of the work centring around the themes of the creative process (often specific to design), culture, and technology. Lately, I’ve grown less interested in writing on design and technology, and am thus currently reassessing what I want the future of my blog to look and sound like. (In other words, this blog is currently on hiatus.)
Published writing
I’ve been very fortunate to have some of my writing published in print by Offscreen magazine, and digitally by Adbusters. You’ll also find a bite-sized opinion piece on Design Week’s VoxPop.


You’ll find a select few of my current and previous releases available for listening and purchasing on BandCamp.


In brief…
During the day, I design and code interfaces for a health startup in London (though most of my work isn’t yet publicly available… stay tuned). Previously, I designed mobile app interfaces for a London-based mobile app agency. Before moving to London, I co-founded a graphic and web design practice in Canada, where I had the great privilege of creating a brand identity and website for the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, which remains some of the design work I am most proud of to date.
First Things First 2014
In 1964, a designer named Ken Garland published what I consider to be one of the most important historical documents in design: the First Things First manifesto. 50 years later, I took the initiative to renew it — and to open it up to the design and communications community at large. You can read more about the project on Eye magazine, Creative Bloq, Design Week, the International Council of Design, Fast Co.Exist, and Monographica (in Spanish). You can also watch a related talk I gave at the Tech Summit in 2014.
I design with code, and I like to keep my code in the open; you’ll find my public-facing HTML, (S)CSS, JavaScript, dotfiles and more on my GitHub profile, at the link above.


That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for stopping by.