Cole Peters

— light, letter and sound

Nun, Verona; photograph by Cole Peters
Verona, Italy. © 2016


I’m Cole. I make photographs, write code, and sculpt sounds. I was born in Canada, and am currently based in London, England.

I have been a lover of photography for nearly as long as I can remember. Since late 2014, I have been photographing the streets and landscapes of my adopted home in the UK, in addition to other locations across Europe and Canada.

I write code during the day, combining 15+ years of experience and practice in design with a more recent focus on front-end development.

I also create the occasional album of music.

This website primarily acts as a point of reference for my photography.

Now available

32 Frames from the North of Italy

One camera, one lens, one week, one country. Thirty-two moments in monochrome.

In July of 2016, we touched down into the swelter of the Italian summer.

Knowing little of the country and even less of the language, I let my camera guide my steps as we travelled through Pisa, Gavi, Bergamo, Verona, and around the Southern half of Lake Garda.

Comprised of thirty-two black and white photographs captured during these travels, ‘32 Frames from the North of Italy’ serves as both a concise travelogue and an evocative collection of images.

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Selected photography

32 Frames from the North of Italy
My second book of photographs.
We Are the Future
London youth respond to the UK-EU referendum. Published in PRIVATE Photo Review’s Your EUrope series, July 2016.
Maximum Black
Bohren & der Club of Gore at Union Chapel, 21 May 2016
My submission to Magnum Photo Awards 2016, hosted by Lens Culture
Coming Home to the Leica M
On rangefinder photography and the Leica M Typ 262
Images Pour Rien
1 year, 100 photographs of people, places, and presences.
Between Light and Shadow
Words and photographs on life in black and white; sisterMAG no. 23, February 2016
End Austerity Now
Photographs from a colossal protest


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